This workshop is a highly interactive session that will introduce educators to the innumerable and creative ways of teaching math using a large 100 square floor grid.

We all “LEARN BY DOING” and through active involvement and physical exploration of abstract concepts, children can gain a better understanding of them.

Teachers will leave with strategies for immediate classroom implementation in the math strands of number sense, patterning, measurement, geometry and data management.  Fun filled activities will also be played and illustrated to learn skills in mapping and language.

Bring a camera and wear comfy shoes to these workshops
and be prepared to “play the day away”!

Contact Lana Hansen, regarding workshop information for your area.    


The Learning Carpet, is a teaching tool that is used to kinaesthetically teach primary/junior children math and language concepts. In the workshop the teachers will sit on chairs around the carpet in a horseshoe fashion.
In the spring of 2003, The Ontario Ministry of Education, for The Early Math Investment Programme, approved the hundred square carpet for all grades K-3. They have recommended that there be a hundred square carpet in every classroom K-3. The Learning Carpet-TLC was the only carpet approved for all grades K-3. The Learning Carpet is now a recognized, integral component of effective primary and junior math and language programmes in Ontario and throughout the rest of Canada.
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Two hour interactive Learning Carpet workshops, for 35-90 K-6 and Special education teachers, are available for your school, family of schools or district. Teacher training can be after school, through the day or on professional development days and can be designed to meet your specific needs. Let us help you create an exciting learning experience for your teachers!


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